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Beautiful | Eren X Reader [High School AU]
Beautiful (Eren x Insecure!Reader) [High School AU]
A/N: Hear music while you read!:
Pretty please?
There you were, in your room staring at your reflection.
"I'll never be as beautiful as the other girls at my school..." You murmured to yourself, can't help be feel slightly envious at the popular girls at your school; while, you were just an average outcast at lunch.
You leaned in closer to the mirror, noticing your imperfections on your features. You grimaced, your hand stroking at your scars and pimples. Your mother always had said that you should be blessed; but you thought of the complete opposite of what she said.
You sighed and fell backwards, plopping on your bed, making the bed slightly creak. You stared the the ceiling, deep in thoughts. You always wondered what it is like to be pretty and outgoing, having lots of friends, and a sweet, caring boyfriend.
You were so deep in thoughts that it lured you into deep sleep.
~*~Time skip to tomorrow
:iconhanabi-ko:hanabi-ko 97 45
The Art of Seduction - Levi x Reader
Going to Hanji for help was never a good idea, and never had this been more emphasised than at this very moment.
Levi was trying to seduce you.
Foolishly, he approached the only one he thought was wild enough to actually know anything about courting. And, to be quite honest, their interaction went exactly as expected – poorly. She kept talking nonsense about buying flowers and chocolates and every other clichéd move in the big book of clichéd moves. He also couldn’t help but notice that she’d completely dusted over the fact that he wanted to fuck you, not propose to you.
Levi had always had a thing for you; ever since you started working with him there was just something that caused him to eye you endlessly. You were just so alluringly attractive to him, and once he got an eyeful of you no one else seemed to cut it anymore.
Maybe it was your [H/C] hair? He always liked that colour on women. Maybe it was the perfect way it collided with the shade of your skin
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 1,353 314
Shinkou -English Lyrics-
The afterimage floating in the moonlight
is my darkened and twisted memory.
In a broken, distorted morning of disgrace,
I sail a voyage of corruption.
Cause I want to show my love, but you don't feel the same
so at least let's become one, once you are dead and gone...
I've wished for this, with no other thought
like a rampaging beast with bloodthirst in his eyes!
I'm after all the Butler Death, ready to kill life and love no matter what.
The curtain that's dyeing the earth red, I'll kick it into a hundred pieces.
The memories and recordings, every last thought kept of every last soul
are what I want the most, as I continue my blood-stained delusions.
Tonight I had, one of my favorite dreams
When I explain, with the use of my saw
How truly odd, the Death Gods tend to react
As they let me dye the moon blood red.
The stories that I could tell, while on our date from hell
Please allow me my one wish, to end it with a kiss...
So promise me, with a pact of blood
It would be much easier than
:iconzeke-makiyu:Zeke-Makiyu 4 2
Bokura no Love Style -English Lyrics-
I wait until I am within your sight, Then I will flirt with the other girls, Oh No, No, No
It's not that I do not care about you, You're just so cute when you're jealous for me Oh Yes, Yes, Yes
My darling Please, Listen to me, My darling Please, Please stay happy
And through all the hardships ahead, our love will burn stronger than ever
That is how we are it's our love style, It is right for us a true love style
I need you, I want you, Forever
This is how we are it's our Love Style, It's a love style that will never fail
You are mine, I am yours, Forever Only you, love you
Maybe just maybe I pushed you too far, I didn't think it'd upset you this much, Oh No, No, No
Please will you please let me make it all right, I'll hold you close and we'll never fight, Oh Yes, Yes, Yes
My darling Please, Do not leave me, My darling Please, I would miss you
If you could say you love me, the pain would never strike me again
That is how we are it's our love style, It is right for us a true love style
:iconzeke-makiyu:Zeke-Makiyu 3 1
Beware the rat by Parororo Beware the rat :iconparororo:Parororo 6,098 367


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